2019 Iconographic Arts Institute
June 21-29, 2019
Benedictine Sisters – Queen of Angels Monastery
Mt. Angel, OR  



The Transfiguration of the LordWelcome to the Iconographic Arts Institute. The Institute teaches the writing of icons to beginners through advanced and practicing level iconographers. With emphasis on drawing and understanding the fundamental structure of an icon from the inside out, students are empowered to write icons of prayerful beauty. Students are taught the theology, spirituality, and technique of writing icons. Located at Queen of Angels Benedictine Women's Monastery in Mt. Angel, Oregon, participants join the Sisters in the prayerful rhythm of the day.

One action of the Holy Spirit in our time is a worldwide resurgence of interest in spirituality and sacred imagery, which unite in the holy icon. Guided by this same Spirit, Pope John Paul II called for reconciliation of all Christians, the reunion of the Catholic and Orthodox communions, and the renewal of sacred imagery. In addition, the Holy Spirit calls us to encounter the Lord joyfully and humbly in word and image and to bring this incarnate mystery to all. The icon is an essential part of the way in which the mystery of Christ is made visible. We believe its rediscovery is integral to the proclamation of the Gospel in our world. The mission of the Iconographic Arts Institute is to proclaim the Gospel in our world through teaching the theology of the icon and providing artistic training to those who are called to minister to the people of God through beauty – through the icon.

In February, 2015, Iconographic Arts Institute instructor Kathy Sievers was interviewed by Dina Marie Hale from Portland area radio station KBVM. They discussed icons, their impact on those who create them and pray with them, the operation of the Institute, the students and teachers of the Institute, and much more. You are invited to listen, relax, and enjoy learning more about the Institute HERE.

The Iconographic Arts Institute is a 501C3 non-profit organization that does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or religious beliefs in its student body, the faculty, or its administration.

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